Année : M1 / M2

Contact : Georges Da Costa

Email :

Organisation : IRIT

Projet : Virtual Power meters for servers using recent processors

Description du projet :

Power consumption of computers is becoming an major concern. To optimise their power consumption it is necessary to have feedback (either for automatic management or for user information). Classical power models are using only system values (processor load, network bandwidth, ...). Recent processors have a new capability: RAPL. It consists in an internal power model of the processor. The goal of this project is to propose new power models using these new capabilities, along with tools to provide the results to users or to the operating system.

This work can be considered as a follow-up of the research published in ACM TOMPECS (

The project is in the context of the DATAZERO2 ( funded by ANR) project at IRIT ( in Toulouse. For more information contact Georges Da Costa ( and Jean-Marc Pierson ( of the SEPIA team. The main research topics of the SEPIA time are optimisation of datacenter (multi-objective scheduling).

Expected ability of the student

  • Machine learning
  • Linux
  • Knowledge on distributed systems and HPC systems would be a plus